Photos of BLACK SABBATH, ROB ZOMBIE, ALICE IN CHAINS among others from the GRASPOP festival in Belgium were added to the photogallery.



Recently added photos: WOVENHAND in Vienna & ARCH ENEMY in Bratislava

Photos of David Eugene Edwards' very own WOVENHAND playing in Vienna on May 20th were added to the photogallery. For all interested, the band is currently touring Europe - see the tourdates listed here and go to see them live!

Wovenhand-vienna-2014Further additons to the photogallery are photos of ARCH ENEMY from Bratislava on May 27th - one of the band's first shows with the new singer Alissa White-Gluz!



New photos: ULVER, UNCLE ACID & more...

New photos, mainly from spring 2014 were added to the photogallery:

UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS in Prague, April 1st
ULVER in Prague, February 7th
HEXVESSEL, ALCEST and THE FAUNS in Vienna, January 17th


Furthermore, some older photos were added to the archive section... and a lot of photos are yet to be added before we're off to the summer festivals, so please head back here later to revisit the site for some new stuff!


Photos of GRAVEYARD from Norway, Nov 2013

Many photos of the Swedish psychedelic / blues rock band GRAVEYARD playing in Oslo and Drammen in November were added to the photogallery. More photos from Norway will be added in a short time!



Photos from BRUTAL ASSAULT 2013

First batch of photos from BRUTAL ASSAULT festival in Czech Republic is online - CARCASS! Photos of more bands from BA as well as photos from METALDAYS festival in Tolmin, Slovenia will be added soon... patience! ;)
Newly were added also photos of IHSAHN and LEPROUS at BA 2013.


Previously were added also photos of the Swedish band SHINING at METALDAYS festival in Slovenia.


Short update... Festival pics to be added soon!

We're finally back home for a while now... Photos from ROCK THE BEACH and TUSKA Festival in Helsinki will be added soon (incl. photos of GREEN DAY, NIGHTWISH and many more). Next up will be stuff from OBSCENE EXTREME Festival in Czech Republic as well as from the afterparty. Additionally, photos from several gigs in Helsinki during June/July will follow... Please come back later for more updates!



A lot of photos of the amazing GREEN DAY and the supports ALL TIME LOW and THE BASEBALLS in Vienna on May 29th were added to the photogallery.
Futhermore, photos of ÓLAFUR ARNALDS in Bratislava on May 30th playing two separate concerts that evening as well as the supporting artist DOUGLAS DARE were added to the photogallery. Interview with ÓLAFUR will follow in nr.17 of the ROCK HARD Magazine (SK/CZ). Nr.16 of the magazine that's out this week includes our interview/photos of STEVEN WILSON, one of our older photos of EDGUY as a poster and much more - order a copy here.OlafurArnalds-2013.
The next month should be up photos from two festivals and several gigs in Finland.. More details to follow!


Update & INSOMNIUM in London, UK

Photos from two events were added to the photogallery - INSOMNIUM in London, UK on April 23th (unfortunately turned out the venue had very poor conditions for taking pics) as well as of an concert of the choirs SIST & LiKör taking place at the Masaryk University in Brno earlier this week... who would suppose such addition to this website? Probably no-one...

Next week should be up: photos of GREEN DAY in Vienna and ÓLAFUR ARNALDS in Bratislava.

Furthermore, contributions such as photos, interview with STEVEN WILSON and more will be up in the new issue of the ROCK HARD magazine (CZ/SK) out on July 5th. More info on that soon!

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STEVEN WILSON in Munich, Germany

A lot of photos of STEVEN WILSON & Band taking place in Munich, Germany at the end of March were added to the photogallery.

Selection of the photos taken in Germany can be seen on Steven's official page, here.




Photos of STEVEN WILSON & Band from various shows taking place in Germany during March 2013 were added to the photogallery.



STEVEN WILSON in Glasgow, Scotland

Photos of STEVEN WILSON in Glasgow, Scotland from the last weekend were added to the photogallery. Steven is currently touring Europe in support of his latest and highly acclaimed solo album 'The Raven That Refused To Sing (and other storires)' - check out the tourdates and see the band!



A Selections of photos from the past year.. 2012

A lot of traveling happened during the past year 2012 thus this website managed to come out with a lot of pictures captured all over the Europe.. Here's a selection of them!


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More photos added...

There wasn't much time lately to update this website properly as many of you probably noticed, however several photogalleries were added already weeks ago:

BRUJERIA  - Prague, CZ, Dec 16th
SWALLOW THE SUN  - Zlin, CZ, Nov 17th
INSOMNIUM  - Straubing, DE, Oct 13th



NASUM & The Grind Finale in Stockholm

All things come to an end... and Saturday 6th of October meant the final goodbye for NASUM.
I'm very happy (and proud) I had the chance to meet these wonderful people and to be around for a while, until NASUM was put to its final sleep... Thank you for all the good times. Thank you for blasting shit to bits. You are the ones, who will be missed!

R.I.P. MIESZKO TALARCZYK... R.I.P. NASUM.Nasum-Stockholm-Grind-Finale-2012Photos from The Grind Finale in Stockholm can be seen from this link. This time, rarely, I added also a few backstage pictures, here. These are, most likely, the last photos of NASUM together as a touring band.
More photos from The Farewell Tour, including photos of Black Breath and Skitsystem, will be added as time flows by...... Patience.Nasum-Stockholm-2012


A brief update & photos of NASUM in Budapest

Due to lack of time and whatever, there haven’t been many updates to this website lately... but that doesn’t mean nothing’s happening in the background!
Photos of NASUM from their farewell tour, SWALLOW THE SUN in Czech Republic and pics from the Metal Invasion festival with INSOMNIUM, HYPOCRISY and others... all of these will be added soon.

Meanwhile, you can find about 11 pages filled by photos of from Brutal Assault and Hellfest in the latest  issue of the Czech/Slovakian ROCK HARD Magazine. Furthermore, a photo of SHINING’s Niklas Kvarforth from SB 2012 became the cover for the new issue of the GHOST CULT Magazine.

Photos from NASUM's gig in Budapest this September can be seen from this link.



Photos of Finnish band INSOMNIUM from the German Summer Breeze festival & Finnish Tuska festival taking place in Helsinki were added to the photogallery. Additionally, a few photos of Insomnium at Brutal Assault festival were added.


Photos from SUMMER BREEZE 2012

Photos from the Summer Breeze festival taking place in Dinkelsbühl, Germany in August are online now. Check out the shots of INSOMNIUM, SHINING, BLEED FROM WITHIN, AUDREY HORNE and a few more bands in the photogallery.

Furthermore, photos from the Czech Metalfest are up as well - including pics of HYPOCRISY, POWERWOLF and many more bands.



Photos from BRUTAL ASSAULT 2012

Photos from the Brutal Assault festival, taking place in Jaromer, Czech Republic during August, are online now. Check out the shots of  AT THE  GATES, ARCTURUS, INSOMNIUM, SÓLSTAFIR, VIRUS, IMMORTAL and a few more in the photogallery.




Photos of NASUM's giant show at the Czech festival OBSCENE EXTREME were added to the photogallery.
Kind thanks to NASUM and Čurby!



Photos of NASUM at HELLFEST 2012

First batch of photos from HELLFEST 2012 taking place in Clisson, France is done. Check out the photos of NASUM's marvelous show here!



Photos from TUSKA 2012

Photos from the Finnish Tuska festival, taking place in Helsinki during June 29 - July 1st, were added. See the photos of ARCTURUS, INSOMNIUM, LOCK UP, SWALLOW THE SUN, BARREN EARTH, FINNTROLL, EDGUY and more bands in the photogallery.



Photos from HELLFEST 2012

At about four hundred of photos from the French HELLFEST were added to the photogallery. Including photos of NASUM, VULTURE INDUSTRIES, ARCTURUS, IHSAHN, LOCK UP, SÓLSTAFIR and many more!



Photos from INFERNO Festival 2012

The stuff from the Norwegian Inferno festival taking place in Oslo, Norway during April is finally up!

To read the review from Inferno 2012, follow this link. Photos from the festival are here.
The Czech version of the review is included in the new issue of the ROCK HARD MAGAZINE, available in Slovakia and Czech Republic.



New photos: ARCTURUS in Brasov, Romania

Time seems to run faster than ever this year and apparently, I came across to ARCTURUS once again, somewhere along my stellar journeys.. Always pleasure to take photos of these Norwegians! However, sorry for the lower quality of these new photos. Untouchable matters of lights at each particular show one can't change...

To browse the photogallery follow this link.Arcturus-Brasov-2012


Photos of ARCTURUS in Helsinki are online

Since I was spending the last couple of days in Finland, I couldn't miss seeing ARCTURUS again, after their awesome appereance in Athens... To browse the photogallery from Helsinki, follow this link.



Photos of ARCTURUS in Athens are online

Photos of Norwegian avant-garde masters ARCTURUS playing the last weekend in Athens, Greece are online!  To browse the photogallery, follow  this link.

Apart from that, my review from this particular gig is readable through the MetalForever webzine.


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New photos were added!

New photos from January 2012 were added to the gallery.... follow the links below!



Photos of LEPROUS from Poland are online

A week or two ago, I took a 'little' trip to Krakow, Poland to take photos of Norwegian prog band LEPROUS. To browse the photogallery  follow this link. Photos of AMORPHIS from the same tour are viewable here and pics of NAHEMAH are viewable on this location.



IN FLAMES - photos from Prague are online

The photogallery of the Swedish band IN FLAMES playing in Prague is online.



Photos from BRUTAL ASSAULT 2011

Photos from Brutal Assault festival taking place in the Old Army Fortress Josefov near Jaromer, Czech Republic during August 11-13, 2011 are online now.

Click on the pics below to browse the galleries.


Photos from TUSKA 2011

Photos from the Tuska festival taking place in Helsinki, Finland during July 22-24, 2011 are online by now...

I was more than pleased to take photos of the mighty AT THE GATES (finally, after seeing them back in 2008) as well as Swedish WITCHERY, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS and KATATONIA, Finnish AMORPHIS, WINTERSUN, TAROT, ROTTEN SOUND and ELECTRIC WIZARD, San Francisco Bay Area thrashers FORBIDDEN, EPICA with the beauty Simone Simons, MORBID ANGEL, ENSLAVED, DEVIN TOWNSEND and my favourite band to shoot - ARCH ENEMY.

Click on the photos below to browse the galleries!